Best Anti theft Backpack in India 2020

Best Anti theft Backpack in India 2020

Are you an adventurous person who does a lot of traveling or love to visit from one place to others all the time? What is the most important thing while traveling? Of course, it’s safety. Safety of yourself and your belongings.  The anti-theft backpack is the perfect answer to your safety problems. The anti-theft backpack protects your valuables like a laptop, iPad, camera, passport, wallet, etc. The world is not so innocent, and if a bag is left unattended while traveling, you may lose all your valuable belongings.

make sure, you are making the right choice, we recommend to consider the below factors…

  • Security – Check the product for safety features like hidden zippers or RFID blocking. Most of the anti-theft backpacks in India come with hidden zippers. YKK zippers are the best ones in the market. In most of the cases, they are present on back panel where no one can open it. Hidden pockets and zip locks are other types of safety features.
  • Slash Proof Fabric – Slashing the bag open is one of the easiest ways to steal your cash or things. Anti-theft backpack with slash proof fabric prevents that and keeps your things safe. Because they have hidden steel cables which make it impossible to cut through the bag. It is beneficial in crowded places where people often bump into you.

Additional features to look out for are – hidden pockets, locable pullers, USB charging, etc. Detail description of these features is mentioned in our Buying Guide.

We have also provided a list of Top 8 Anti-Theft Travel Backpacks in India. They picked out carefully by our experts after testing, research and analysis.


In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Luggage bag​

1.Gods Ghost 22 Litre Anti-Theft 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack


Total Score

F Gear Luxur

Gods Ghost is quite a popular brand that makes all kinds of bags that are available on Amazon. Apart from making motorcycle bags, they also make anti-theft backpacks. And they offer excellent build quality while looking premium.
The YKK zipper of this bag is concealed behind your back which makes it anti-theft. And the whole bag uses water-resistant clothing. This ensures that all of your belongings stay dry even if it is raining. The bottom of this bag uses abrasion resistant which makes it even more durable.


  • Highly premium and well-built backpack
  • Store and organize all of your belongs easily
  • The zipper is hidden behind the back for anti-theft protection
  • Offers 22 litres of space while being compact
  • Quick-access pockets on the outside


  • Slightly Expensive

2.Fur Jaden Anti Theft Water Repellent 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack Bag with USB Charging Port


Total Score

Fur Jaden

If you are looking for a compact backpack, then this one can be a great option. At 15 L, it is quite small yet allows you to carry a 15.6-inch laptop. And the anti-theft zipper ensures that it stays safe inside your backpack.
You can also find a USB port on the side of this bag. This bag is also waterproof for keeping all of your items dry due to material used for its construction. The insides of this bag are designed very well for optimum storage. There are various organizer pockets inside this backpack. You can even find small pockets in the straps of this backpack.


  • Great value for money option
  • Anti-theft backpack due to the hidden zipper
  • Inbuilt organizers for properly storing all of your items
  • Fits a 15.6-inch laptop despite its size


  • Only one zipper pocket

3.Novex Anti Theft Grey 15.6" Laptop Backpack


Total Score


Novex anti-theft backpack comes with a reasonable price and can be used as both a travel backpack and also laptop backpack. The number of lock and rain cover facilities are added advantages. Easy accessible side bottle/ umbrella pocket. Ideal for traveling.


  • The texture is soft.
  • Number lock security for zippers
  • It has a side bottle pocket
  • This bag is a beast at this affordable price.


  • Zipper is not that good

4.F Gear Polyester 25 Ltr Black Laptop Backpack


Total Score

F Gear Polyester

F Gear Stealth Backpack is one the most stylish, durable and lightweight anti-theft backpack. The zips are arranged strategically concealed from the view on the back part of the bag. It is made of high-grade fabrics reinforced with polymers to provide durability and strength. It also has a spongy padded layer at the bottom for collision prevention with the floor. The bag can be opened partially 90-degree for quick access and 180-degree for complete access for the inside content.


  • Water-resistant with rain cover
  • Ample storage with 5 compartments
  • Extension at the back so it can be attached to suitcases
  • The zips are concealed from view


  • USB charging is missing in the bag

5.Vebeto 360 Degree Open Anti Theft Backpack Briefcase Inbuilt USB Charging Port 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack


Total Score


A 2-in-1 product that can work both as a travel bag as well as an office briefcase, Deals Outlet 360 Degree Open Smart Anti Theft Backpack with Inbuilt USB Charging Port 15.6-17 Inch Waterproof Black Laptop Backpack is a new arrival in the market that has offered users with an anti-theft bag which is capable of carrying all your belongings safe.


  • The product has one large compartment with a laptop storing compartment
  • It has padded shoulders and trolley strap on the backside that makes it easy for you to carry
  • It has an inbuilt charging USB port that helps you to be in charge always even in case of emergencies


  • Not much space available.

6.GODS Marvel Avengers Exclusive Ghost Anti-Theft 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack


Total Score

GODS Marvel Avengers

GODS presents before yo the all-new arrival in the market, the Marvel Avengers Exclusive Ghost Anti-Theft 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack (Iron Spider-Man) that allows you to carry all your belongings without the threat of theft of your precious items.
The product is made with Melange Polyester fabric; Abrasion-resistant dotted Polyurethane on base for rugged usage


  • Water-repellent polyester fabric
  • Quick-Access Pockets and Bottle compartment
  • The 6-point stretchable mechanism helps to snug fit all the size of the laptops
  • Stylish With Anti-Theft Design


  • The capacity of the bag is less

7.Kossh KI- Bag 2018 30-Litre Anti-Theft Waterproof Casual Backpack with USB Charging Point


Total Score

Kossh KI

F gear Casual is a backpack brand releasing designs that are chic and comfortable. The stylish look of these backpacks has earned a lot of appreciation, and they have been Amazon’s best choice for quite some time now! Besides, it is the #1 best seller bag for laptops in India.
This laptop bag is not only a bag but also a style statement. There is enough space in the bag to store your laptop, books, files, and even clothes. Hence, it can qualify as one of the ideal laptop bags for business travel.


  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable to use it as a travel bag
  • In this range, this is the best product you can have.
  • Looks cool & stylish with its leather look which is shiny and catchy


  • Can carry small laptops of around 13 inches size, not the larger ones

8.GODS Zarc Anti-Theft 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack


Total Score


We have yet another backpack from Gods in this article. And just like the previous one, this one also feels quite premium and sturdy. It uses excellent construction materials for protecting all of your belongings.
Even though this bag is quite portable and travel friendly, it offers a lot of pockets. You can carry a 15.6-inch laptop without any issues. And you can also find a sunglass compartment on the top along with a bottle pocket on the side.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Protection against light rain
  • Anti-theft design for protection of your belongings
  • Compact and travel-friendly backpack
  • Multiple pockets for easily organizing your items


  • Size is a bit small for storing 16'Inch Laptop

Anti-theft Backpack Buying Guide

Anti-theft backpacks are not just a piece of cloth with compartments and zippers. They have dozens of safety features from hidden pockets, slash-proof material to in-built USB port. But, that’s not all. When you are buying a backpack comfort, size, capacity, water-resistance and a few other things are also need to be kept in mind. Let’s see what makes a bag anti-theft. How to buy the best anti-theft backpack?

1. Hidden Zippers and Secret Pockets

These are two must-have features of an anti-theft backpack. You will see some bags look like they have no zippers at all. That’s because they are hidden. Some bags even have small secret pockets where you can hide your most valuable items like-passport, credit cards or some extra bucks maybe.

2. Hidden Back Panel Pocket

The hidden back panel pocket is basically a zipper pocket at the lower end of the backpack. It comes really helpful if you travel a lot. It’s easily accessible and stays hidden. So, you can store the documents that you need quick access to and forget about checking over your shoulders while you are traveling or walking in a crowd. 

3. Locks

Some bags even come with lockable zippers. Those with a combination lock are the safest of all. Interlocking or kissing zippers are also cool. You can simply pass a padlock through the hole to keep them locked. Though it will take some more seconds to open the bag, your contents will be safe from robbery. 

The best kinds of zippers are also puncture-resistant. It’s impossible to poke through them even for the most experienced thief. 

4. Anti-slash Fabric

Slashing is a very common way of theft. You are standing in a crowd, you are busy and suddenly you notice your bag is slashed and your belongings are gone. It takes an instance and you can barely feel anything. Luckily, some bags are slash-proof.

These uber-cool bags are made of lightweight yet tough material to make them cut-proof. Sometimes they use internal steel mesh which makes it impossible to cut, no matter what type of knife you use.  

5. Lockable Pullers

Some anti-theft backpacks include pullers for the main compartment—usually two. They can be locked with a padlock. And sometimes the pullers are interlockable. Lockable pullers add an extra layer of security to the bag. This way, the thief has to undergo two levels of security to get close to your possessions. 

6. Water-Resistant

A water-resistant bag prevents your electronic devices and other belongings from getting wet. It can be bad weather or just a bad day if you or someone accidentally spills some coffee on your valuables. You don’t need a 100% water-proof bag unless you are going on a trek or hiking, just make sure your things don’t get wet in a drizzle.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How does an anti-theft backpack work? 

An anti-theft backpack is marketed as a theft-proof bag. An ideal anti-theft backpack has hidden pockets that are difficult to locate for anyone other than the user. The straps have metal mesh-lined so that it is difficult to slash or cut and take away the backpack on the go.

Not just that, the hidden pockets may have RFID protection due to which your credit cards and passports cannot be scanned, and personal data cannot be hacked. The material can also be waterproof and scratch proof. Some of them have multiple layers so that thefts cannot cut through easily.

2. Can the anti-theft backpack prevent the stealing of items inside?

To be honest, an anti-theft backpack is not theft-proof. However, it can prevent theft in multiple scenarios and even delay theft in various circumstances. First of all, the hidden pockets are almost undetectable, and you can keep valuable items there to avoid them from getting stolen easily. Secondly, the straps and the material are resistant to cuts and slashes. They can delay theft activities significantly. There are locking clips available for further security measures and along with that RFID-blocking technology prevents smart theft.

3. What is meant by USB compatible anti-theft backpack?

A USB compatible anti-theft backpack is the one that has a compartment to accommodate a power bank and a USB cable to charge your tablets, smartphones and even laptops on the go.

4. Can you wash an anti-theft backpack in a washing machine?

You should check the product description to see if the backpack is machine washable or not. If not, you have to wash it manually in cold or lukewarm water with a gentle detergent.

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