Things To keep In Mind Before Buying Luggage Bag !!

Things To keep In Mind Before Buying Luggage Bag !!

A trolley bag is an essential need at the time of travel. With so many different types of trolley bags available on the market, the selection of the one becomes a time-consuming process. All these below-mentioned considerations will result in buying the right trolley bag that you can utilize to the full potential and realize your travel objectives.

The right selection of material


Size is another important feature that would determine the right one for your use. A right-sized trolley bag lets you experience the liberty of traveling without worrying about losing your luggage or paying.

Remember to double-check the capacity for each bag as well as its durability before you make the required purchase.

 Luggage Warranty

When you are buying a suitcase than you must always see that the manufacturer is giving a decent warranty so that if your luggage gets damaged or harmed due to irrational use than the manufacturer can replace the item or repair it for free of cost.

Number of pockets does the bag have

If you carry a lot of luggage while travelling than I think you should prefer a bag with more number of pockets which will provide you with large luggage space.

Waterproofed suitcase

I have seen that luggage in the belly of a plane that has had something broken inside and it’s affected other bags underneath it. We want a bag with material that protects it from the rain and spills.

Types of suitcase you should buy-

Buying a luggage trolley bag varies in which mode of transport you are travelling. That is by flight, by cruising or through road.

You need to note, that whichever type of bag you select, it should be of good quality as hard side bags tend to break and soft side bags tears when putting under high pressure.

  1.   If you are travelling through the air you should buy a bag which is light in weight as air travels have luggage weight restrictions and it should be a hard-shell suitcase.
  2. If you are travelling by train or road you need to check the size of the suitcase, that is in the train you need a suitcase that can easily fit under your seat and in road travel, which can fit in the back dickey-seat of the vehicle you are using for transport
  3. If you are travelling through cruise you need a flat and durable suitcase and make sure that the size of the luggage trolley bag fits in your cabin.

Two-wheeler v/s Four-wheeler suitcase –

Two-wheeler suitcase


  • As they are recessed in a case and they can be easily snapped off.
  • They are easy to move through the towns as they can move on rough surfaces too.


  • The wheels are like a skateboard, that is it can only be pulled or pushed. So if you want to change the direction of the bag you need to lift it.

Four wheeler suitcase


  • You can smoothly slide the bag through the ground in a vertical position.
  • As it contains four wheels it does not put much of the stress on your shoulder and hand.


  • It cannot be easily snapped off.
  • The bag won’t remain stationary on an incline without laying it down or bracing it.

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Frequently Asked Question

1.what is the best luggage bag for international travel?

The ideal size for a luggage bag suitable for International travel should be 27 x 21 x 14 inches. On the other hand, the largest size allowed is a total of 62 inches (linear).

2. How much weight can a large suitcase hold?

A large suitcase of 74 cm has a capacity of 117 Liters while an extra-large suitcase of 85 cm can have a storage capacity of up to 130 Liters.

3. Are hard or soft suitcases better?

Soft suitcases are better since it allows you to stuff and make space for more items while packing. On the other hand, hard cases offer fixed storage space, as there is no room for adjustments to make more space. Soft suitcases tend to be more durable than hard suitcases as the latter tend to crack easily.

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